The hospital pharmacy receives an order for morphine sulfate ¼ gr IM stat. The concentration on hand is 10mg per mL How many mL is needed for the dose?

Accepted Solution

Answer:1.5 mlStep-by-step explanation:We have been given that the concentration on hand is 10 mg per ml.We know that gr stands for grains.We know that 1 gr equals 60 mg.First of all, we will convert 1/4 gr to mg as:[tex]\frac{1}{4}\text{ gr}\times \frac{60\text{ mg}}{\text{ gr}}[/tex][tex]\frac{1}{4}\times 60\text{ mg}[/tex][tex]15\text{ mg}[/tex]1 ml equals 10 mg. We can set an a proportion as:[tex]\frac{x}{15\text{ mg}}=\frac{\text{1 ml}}{10\text{ mg}}[/tex][tex]\frac{x}{15\text{ mg}}*15\text{ mg}=\frac{\text{1 ml}}{10\text{ mg}}*15\text{ mg}[/tex][tex]x=\text{1 ml}*1.5[/tex][tex]x=\text{1.5 ml}[/tex]Therefore, 1.5 ml is needed for the dose.